There are so many different ways to present information to your students in an engaging way. Try out some awesome programs below. Challenge your students to use these programs to present, too!


animotoAnimoto is an animation tool that allows you to create your own slide show. You can easily add personal sounds, videos and other media to take your presentation to the next level. The program is free on the web or as an iOs or android app. Exporting projects is very simple and would be great for sharing with the use of a projector.


blendspaceBlendspace allows you to create an interactive online lesson or collection for free. You can upload and organize various resources surrounding a single topic and access them with one click–they will appear together on your screen in grid form. Resources you can upload include: images, PDFs, office files, videos, YouTube videos or Internet links.



Canva is a “drag and drop” web program that allows you to design just about anything! You will be required to sign up with your e-mail. You can choose pre-made templates or design them on your own–change the background, choose from a wide variety of texts/images, or upload your own images! There is also a free iPad app for this program. I really enjoy the simplicity of this of this program and how easy it is to make things visually appealing!



Easelly is an ‘easy’ way to create infographics. Create an account and start from a blank canvas or choose from hundreds of layouts the site provides. I want to note that some of the templates provided do not give you total control (i.e. you may not be able to get rid of background pictures that do not apply to your poster), but that’s why having the blank canvas option is great. The navigation bar provides many elements you can choose from to make your infographic individualized. Make your project public or private and easily share it with a link!


haiku deckYou can create a slide show presentation using Haiku Deck on your iPad or laptop/computer. A feature I appreciate is that Haiku Deck limits how much text you can put on each slide. It will also search Creative Common licensed images to put on each slide, and allow you to import your own images. You can check out the presentation I made through my masters program, here.



Mind Meister is a free online graphic organizer/mind map that is super easy to use. It is available on the web and free on both iOS and android apps. I enjoy all of the highly interactive features such as printing, sharing (via e-mail) and the ability to collaborate with others in “real time.”


moovlyMoovly is a free animation tool for creating videos and presentations. You can simply create an account with your email and watch a two minute video that explains how to use the site. You can choose to use a template to create or start from scratch! Easy to upload images, music or sounds and edit as you go along!


peardeckPear Deck is an amazing presentation tool that now connects with Google Classroom! It is an awesome interactive, formative assessment tool. Only downfall: there is a $99 yearly fee in order to access all of its tools. There is a limited free version.



Popplet combines many multi media features for creating mindmaps into one package. I enjoy that you can keep it as simple or as detailed as you please and collaborate with others through the process. It is extremely user-friendly and in my opinion, the easiest mind map to use.


slides carnivalSlides Carnival is perfect for those of you that spend hours trying to design a theme for google presentation. It has various templates to choose from and it will save you tons of time and give your presentation the WOW factor!


doc story

Story Builder allows you to create original stories and watch them come to life! Simply choose a character and start writing the dialogue. Stories are editable and can be previewed at any time. You can add fun features like music to your story! Once you are finished, publish your story and share it with your unique URL.


tackkTaack has a community that allows you to create pages to share and promote conversations among friends or strangers with common interests! Based on personal experience, it is a bit hard to navigate through the building phase.


voice threadVoiceThread incorporates your personal images (you can also upload Powerpoint slides. You are then able to become the narrator of your creation by recording your voice or writing your own comments on the images. VoiceThread can be found on the web or for free on an iOS or android device.


weeblyWeebly is (in my opinion) one of the easiest, free website creators with multiple features to choose from. The easy drag and drop element allows novice technology users to create a website with ease. You can add photo galleries, slide shows, embed YouTube videos, assignment forms, Google Maps, and much more.



Wordle is a fun and easy way to create a “word cloud.” You can choose your own colors, type of display and font and then print or link your creations. Please note that you will need Java to run the program.





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