If you are like me, you need some (or a lot) of organization to stay sane! These programs will help you to stay organized and on top of your to-do list.


diigo iconDiigo is great tool for those of us who browse or read a lot on the web. Diigo not only allows you to bookmark/organize/save pages, but to also highlight or post it note information you find important. The website will save your work and also allow you to share it with others.


evernote iconEvernote is a great application for note taking on any device. You can add pictures, documents or screen shots to your notebooks and the program will sync to all of your devices. Evernote offers a free and paid version–if you find that you use it a lot, you may exceed the amount of data the free version provides.


30:30 icon30/30 is an application that color codes and icons specific tasks. It is your digital to-do list! My favorite feature is that each task comes with a timer–you can assign countdowns to each task allowing you to efficiently move throughout your day. This is a swipe-heavy app so you can move tasks up or down on your list and swipe them away when you are finished! This is my go-to to-do app!


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