If you are a teacher or you know a teacher, you are aware of how time consuming the job is! Try these programs inside and outside of school in an effort to make things easier and save time!


best sand timerBest Sand Timer is a free, digital sand timer that helps to manage time visually. You have control of the colors and alarms and this app can be used with various screened devices.


random.orgRandom List Generator is a website that assigns partners/teams/class lists randomly. If you are willing to type in the names of all the participants, this is a quick and easy way to assign/organize teams.


imgres is great for educators who worry about youtube ads and comments disrupting their day. This tool is very simple to use–simply copy and paste the link into the Safe Share website. It will strip everything away and just leave the video!


stick pickStick Pick is an app for $3.99 and is relatively self explanatory–get rid of your coffee can full of popsicle sticks and replace it with this stress free, easy to use Stick Pick app!



stop go!

Stop Go! is a $0.99 app that provides a different way to control and time activities. The lights make a ‘ding’ noise when they change from green, to yellow, to red at whatever times the teacher chooses. Or, set the light on red to signal no talking and green to signal talking. There are a lot of different ways to use this app!


tico timerTico Timer is a great visual timer for $0.99 with fun shapes and colors. It helps for managing time on a task and aids with the concept of time for younger students. The app cleverly shows the connection between shifting images and the passage of time.


too noisyToo Noisy  is a noise level meter app for $2.99 that is geared towards elementary classrooms to keep the noise level down. The face smiles or frowns based on how loud the classroom is. It can also be used to promote talking in group discussions!



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