Visible Thinking Routines



This visible thinking strategy helps readers to engage and make meaning with the text by selecting part of the text that ‘speaks to them.’ It is a powerful routine because the student has to explain why they chose the sentence, phrase and word which stimulates meaningful discussion. To the left you will see posters from when we completed this routine during my masters course.





I am sincerely starting to appreciate Visible Thinking more and more with every exercise. Today, we tried the Circle of Viewpoint to help us with out Wicked Problem Project. This is an awesome routine that allows you to consider diverse perspectives and help you to feel differently about an issue. It was especially helpful for our Wicked Problem Project in a sense that now we know who we are up against–students, parents, teachers, administration, community members and policy makers. I would definitely use this in my classroom as an everyday strategy to solve conflicts among students.



compass points visible thinkingThis routine helps students to dissect an idea and then evaluate it. We used this strategy in my Masters course to evaluate our process of implementing a small change in our community of practice that would lead to deeper student thinking with technologies. We wrote down our excitements, worries, needs and steps and then discussed it in three different groups with different peers each time. This routine pushed me to think about every aspect of implementing technology among my school community when I return. It is so easy to get excited about something and overlook the little things. I would love to have my students use this before completing a Maker project.


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