Reading Discussion Routines

Chalk Talk

This is a silent conversation on paper. No talking! I appreciate the chalk talk because it gives your quieter students a chance to share their ideas. I find the activity to be extremely calm and engaging. It is a nice change of pace for discussions. Below, you will see a Chalk Talk I participated in during one of my masters courses.

chalk talk


 Text-to-Self, Text-to-Text, & Text-to-World connections


text to self text to text text to world

Connect, Extend, Challenge

Today, we used the online collaboration tool, Lino, to share any connections, extensions or challenges we had about our course readings. We color coded the post-it notes so it was easy to keep it all organized during discussion time.



Demo SLAM your readings

Google created Demo Slam which is essentially a quick way to show others something you think is really cool! We used this idea to “Demo Slam” the readings we had found for homework about the Maker Movement. We each had 1 minute to share the most interesting points of our article for the class–it was a challenge but a ton of fun. SLAM!

image1 (6)











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