Fuel Curiosity

These are some great programs to fuel curiosity among your students.


imgresIf you had the opportunity to let your kids go on more field trips for free…would you? Google Arts & Culture gives students the chance to take more field trips when it is not in your budget. The Google team visited museums all over the world and took pictures of artwork viewable to our students. They can even choose to have a 3D experience and create a gallery of artwork!
expeditionsWith over 200 historical sites and natural resources, send your students on a Virtual Reality field trip! Google Expeditions works in conjunction with Google Cardboard, is free and only words on Android devices.



kid inventor

There is no better way to allow your students to see that they can be inventors just like these kids on Ellen! KidInventors is a compilation of videos from the Ellen Show where kids come and share their inventions.


soul pancake Soul Pancake is a Youtube Channel that posts new inspiring and positive social media videos each week. Their slogan is, “We make stuff that matters,” and they definitely do! They even feature one of my all time favorite kids, Kid President!



This Youtube Channel proves to kids math and science is everywhere!  In my classroom, we usually watch one STEMbite per day during snack time. Sometimes they are a little over the first graders heads, but it create rich discussion and watching it a few times helps! The videos are generally under two minutes, fast-paced and funny.


the kid should see this With over 2,400 “not-made-for-kids, but perfect for them” videos,  students can click play, watch and start a conversation. The Kid Should See This creates videos that expose a variety topics for kids to explore: science, nature, music, art, technology and storytelling.



Wonderopolis is a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Everybody wonders (especially our curious kiddos) and this programs provides a bridge between school, home and communities.