Everybody CODE!

Here you can find coding programs that I use with my first grade classroom frequently.

daisy the dinosaurDaisy the Dinosaur is essentially a coding program to learn the basics of computer programming for kids. This free app has an easy drag and drop interface that kids of all age can use. Kids will use the skill of sequencing, loops and events to solve this apps challenges.


google cs first

Wanting to start a coding club at your school? Google CS First makes it “simple, flexible, and FREE” to start a club! This is a great way to expose kids to computer science education. The site says that the program is targeted towards students in grades 4th-9th, but I think it is worth it to try with students even younger!


hour of code

Hour of Code is an online program that introduces you to coding in just one hour! It provides the perfect opportunity to give coding a chance. Anyone can code at anytime, but the goal is to get tens of millions of students to code between December 7th-13th, 2015 in celebration of Computer Science Education Week.  Check out these tutorials.


scratchScratch is an incredibly fun and engaging free, online program that allows you to create animations, stories, music, games or art. The creations you make can only be viewed in this program (you cannot turn them into a jpeg or png file).  Keep your projects as simple or as complex as you want. Click here for a reference guide overview.