Demo SLAM! What will you “Write About?”

During my Masters Courses we are challenged each day to test out and explore new tools to add to our tech tool boxes. This summer, four of us will present, “Demo SLAMS” (similar to the SLAMS they present at Google) each Friday. This week one of those people was me! I had a hard time deciding what to SLAM…SO many programs and tools out there!

Recently I came across an online Platform called Write About. It…is…awesome! It is a writing community where students can engage in high interest writing. Students can go to the site to look for ideas to inspire them, rather than prompts to require them to write something. They can read writing from students around the world and engage in conversations about the writing. Teachers can easily add their students to a group and then annotate, leave feedback through audio, or comment on their students writing.

Write About can be modified for any grade K-12. Kindergarten students can look on the site for ideas. I teach first grade and will try using this with my class this year–so I will keep you posted! Feel free to visit their site which has lots of interviews of teachers using it right now in their classrooms! Besides the little guys, Write About is great for grades 2-12. Have FUN!

Instructional Strategies you can use with this program (but not limited to):

Think, Write, Pair, Share: Students can pair with one or more students and authentically collaborate by commenting on their peers work.

Transfer and Apply: Students transfer their knowledge/experiences from their real lives to their writing.

Hot Topics: Students can post ideas/galleries to their page to save for a rainy day!

Idea Starts: The idea boards and galleries provide hundreds of writing ideas to inspire.

Idea Waves: Students can share writing ideas with other students

Check out my screencast Demo SLAM in 60 seconds below!