Wicked Problem

Educational systems around the world deal with challenges each day regarding rapid technological and societal changes. We call some of these challenges “Wicked Problems,” or problems that have no specific solutions. Trying to solve a Wicked Problem raises other issues and problems that also need to be addressed.

Our group was given the challenged of solving the Wicked Problem, “Scaling Teaching Innovations.” Our problem was to figure out how we decide what teaching innovations need to be scaled and how we scale those teaching innovations. We did a lot of research, reached out to our PLN (Professional Learning Network) and even started some conversations on Twitter!

Below you will see our potential Wicked Problem Solutions. We used Easelly to create our poster and ThingLink to organize and document our research using many forms of multimedia. Click on the “buttons”  in the image to find out more. Click here if the image below does not show up.

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