PLN/PLC Lesson

I am happy to report that my Google Hangout to discuss David’s Problem of Practice was a major success! It was a productive half hour of rich discussion about how I can support David in solving his 2nd grade math Problem of Practice (see my previous blogpost for more information).

Aside from gaining a lot of knowledge on how I can best support David, I gained knowledge in an areas I did not expect.

1.) Reach out to your PLN (Professional Learning Network) and PLC (Professional Learning Community) when you are in need. They will help you in more ways than you would expect. I was so worried to reach out to people and interrupt their schedules–but every colleague I asked to join made a point to be there (even one who was on a lunch break). Not only did they show up, but they took the time to read David’s analysis of his problem ahead of time and then provide useful resources and insight. I am so thankful to be surrounded by equally selfless and knowledgeable educators. Shout out, again, to: Debbie SchuitemaHeather VernonStefanie CairnsRachelle GalangPiotr Buniewicz, and Stephanie Raezler.


2.) Always reach back to someone who reaches out to you. I am usually pretty good at responding to colleagues when they come to me for help–but experiences like this remind me how prompt, professional and resourceful I need to be, no matter how small or large the request. Everybody needs help at one point or another–and it is our job as educators to support each other and be good models.

3.) Google Hangouts are a GREAT way to bring people from all over together to collaborate. I have participated in a couple Google Hangouts before, but with no more than 2 people! It was great to introduce my MAET buddies to my school district buddies–and then watch them collaborate with their wealth of knowledge.

It’s time for me to continue my research and put my new knowledge to work. I have a great start thanks to these fine educators. I’m looking forward to sharing with David (and all of you) the awesome things I have learned! Have a great weekend!


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